All men must die

Investigators in New York City link a series of gruesome murders to the Eunuch Maker, a serial killer targeting men. Piecing together the clues, they enter into a deadly game of survival with stakes that escalate beyond what anyone could have imagined. Book 5 of the INTEL 1 thrillers.

"Riveting, relentlessly paceD"

—Internet Review of Books

"Diverse, well-developed characters and an intricate, engaging storY"

—RT Reviews

"an unusual combination of international espionage and murder mystery…powerful, high-octane, engrossingly unpredictable…very highly recommended"

—D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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"The scene stealers are the flawed, brilliant, sympathetic, and likable Sacker and Grace Gone."  -The BookLife Prize

"The scene stealers are the flawed, brilliant, sympathetic, and likable Sacker and Grace Gone." -The BookLife Prize


Over thirty years ago in the halls of a high school in Alabama, I had a strange argument with a friend. Strange for the time (16 year olds) and context (discussions after English class), I made the case that since men had caused all the wars, environmental disasters, and were responsible for the vast majority of violent crime, that women should perhaps be given the chance to run the world (sorry, Beyoncé, I got there first). He thought my idea ludicrous and illogical. We went back and forth in the debate as were took turns kicking an increasingly ragged copy of Great Expectations into our lockers over and over again.

That central idea, that perhaps much of the world's ills could be a gendered phenomena, has stayed with me to my 50th decade. It finally found a creative outlet in ANDROCIDE, a global thriller and crime drama that explores an extreme and bloody incarnation of that philosophy.

The novel begins after the events of book 4, THE NASH CRITERION. The world is putting the pieces back together after the chaos of the ANONYMOUS SIGNAL and the clash with the Bilderberg global conspiracy that nearly brought on a second United States civil war. INTEL 1 is now a dark ops presidential special investigative branch, rooting out the remainder of Bilderberg. Under their noses in New York, however, what begins as the case of a new and unusual serial killer grows into something far more dangerous. New characters are introduced into the series and play an important role in solving a series of heinous crimes.

ANDROCIDE is the fifth novel in the INTEL 1 series of thrillers.