Sudden Spring springs silently cocoons.

Once upon a time in the middle of a beautiful garden, there lived a Caterpillar and a Stone, and they were very much in love. A fairy's tale of love, loss, and beauty for not quite grown-ups. Presented as an illustrated, full-color love storybook. Narration also available with an illustrated iBook, or as digital files and CD audio disks at online distributors.

"The perfect message that life isn’t a fairy tale and that if  something bad happens, the world doesn’t end, and you can still be happy and enjoy life." -This Kid Reviews Books
"What sadness could be so great that it could wring tears from a stone?" -Barbara Bockman, Stories a la Mode

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“The Caterpillar and the Stone” is a decades-old story (1990s), written as myth and fairy to help a young man gain a broader vision in order to appreciate a difficult truth: that while life isn’t fair, it can often be beautiful, even as it is terrible.