We believed our government was of the people, by the people, and for the people.  We were wrong.  

The Stunning Conclusion of an Armageddon Duology. A terrorist's last words lead a team of special agents to the discovery of an unimaginable global conspiracy.  But time is running out. The numbers are converging. Can a group of fugitive FBI and CIA operatives prevent the coming catastrophe before the world crosses The Nash Criterion? 

"Complex and intelligent"  with "an interesting and quirky cast of non-stereotypical misfits."

Manhattan Book Review

"A chilling, fascinating, thought provoking thrill ridE"

Internet Review of Books

Book four in the Intel 1 Novels.

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THE ANONYMOUS SIGNAL is the third  book of the INTEL 1 novels, but it is also book one of an "Armageddon Duology," with book two, THE NASH CRITERION, picking up where the THE ANONYMOUS SIGNAL ends and leading through a stunning series of events and revelations to a shocking conclusion.

For THE NASH CRITERION, I tried to let the logical repercussions (as they seemed to me) of the previous book run their course. What might happen if the US were incredibly disrupted by systematic cyber and physical terrorist attacks on government and infrastructure? What if society began to fall apart? How would the nation respond? Could a constitutional government survive? How would the mix of danger, chaos, and human egos play out?

For fun throw into this mess the conceit of the most hardcore conspiracy theorists - that there is a "shadow force" steering the governments of the world, echoing words of FDR and Woodrow Wilson. I tried to imagine what a modern version of the Illuminati or some cooler version of the Bilderbergers might be. Finally, mix in a heavy dose of secret codes, genius mathematicians going mad, and warfare on the plains of Kansas.

It's a bit absurd (or is it?), strayed into a little SCIFI ripping off Asimov (properly referenced), but it was a lot of fun imagining global Armageddon, exploding nukes, and having my heroes totally save the world from these boogiemen.

There is carnage, action, the deaths of beloved characters, and a complete reorganization of the INTEL 1 group. Certain minor characters become major players as I find my author's eye shifting to different members of the group.